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YouTuber Videogamedunkey’s Ad For Independent Game Publisher Gets Mixed Reception Sep 22, 2022

When he’s not inspiring mods that rebalance Elden Ring, YouTuber Videogamedunkey can be found making videos for his large group of subscribers about a variety of different games.

While the vast majority of these videos take a fairly comedic approach, the most recent one has a slightly more serious idea behind it.

You see, Videogamedunkey is starting its own independent game publishing company and others in the industry aren’t quite sure what to think.

What do you think of the idea of ​​Videogamedunkey becoming an independent publisher?

In the video, which you can find below, Dunkey announces the creation of the company, to be called Bigmode, and explains why he thinks it’s an important venture to undertake in his trademark comedic style, citing his history of making videos about indie. games like Neon White and Rocket League as the main reason why he knows what he does.

This slightly dubious way of presenting a project as serious as funding and marketing other people’s work didn’t seem very sensible to some established personalities in the indie game space, and Rami Ismail took to Twitter to say, “Listen I’ll support To anybody”. who wants to publish (or) spend money on indie games, but indies, if you’re going to take a deal with someone whose publishing ratings are ‘I played a lot of games’, make sure your initial is 130% or more of a well-comfortable budget and paid.”

On the other hand, Jason SchreierBloomberg argued that this might not be a big deal, saying, “I don’t really have a strong opinion on all of this and who knows if it’s going to be a disaster or what, but it’s funny to see people say ‘he has no experience in the making games!!!’, like waiting until you find out who has run the majority of video game publishers for the last 40 years.”

In the meantime, VGC’s Andy Robinson criticized the ad itself, saying, “I really like Dunkey’s videos, but the tone of his last one wasn’t very good. Lots of implication that existing indie publishers somehow don’t care or understand games.”

However, there were many other positive reviews of both the initiative and the video, prompting Videogamedunkey to tweet: “The response to Bigmode has been amazing! Thank you all so much, we can’t wait to bring you some great stuff.”

Regardless of how you feel about Videogamedunkey’s new adventure, be sure to follow us for more coverage from popular content creators and streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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