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Windows 11 Build 22572 brings Clipchamp video editing app, Search Highlights and more

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Preview Build 22572 for Insiders on the Dev Channel with a number of new changes. The Windows 11 Dev Insider Update introduces Microsoft Family and Clipchamp as “inbox” apps, featured searches in Start, and more.

Windows 11 build 22572: What’s new?

First off, Windows 11 will bring the Microsoft Family app and Clipchamp apps installed out of the box. Clipchamp app is a video editing app that comes with basic editing tools, easy timeline editing (usually reserved for professional editors), and more functionalities. To remember, this is the the same video editing app that Microsoft acquired early last year and it is web based. The difference now is that it will arrive as part of Windows 11 and won’t require users to wait for it to download.

clipchamp video editing app on windows 11

the Family app will allow users to manage family settings that were previously managed on the web or on mobile. Users can see their family members, use parental controls, track family members’ digital activity, and more. Windows 11 Home Edition Insiders will need to update the app from the Microsoft Store. Windows 11 Pro users can go directly to Settings -> Accounts -> Family and download the Microsoft Family app.

Search in Windows 11 includes a new change (coming early next week) with the introduction of search highlights. This feature will show interesting content on special days, holidays, anniversaries and more based on global and regional levels. You can tap on it to learn more about it, along with content like word of the day, Microsoft Rewards offers, trending searches, and more.


And if a user logs in through a work or school account, search highlights will appear display the organization’s contacts, files, and more details. Search highlights can also be turned off by going to Settings -> Privacy and security -> Search settings and turning off the “Show search highlights” option.

More changes!

In addition to the above, there are a number of other minor changes in Windows 11 Insider Build 22572. It includes a new print queue layout that matches the design aesthetic of Windows 11. It also supports dark mode. Additionally, the Quick Assist and Windows Sandbox apps now have a Fluent design icon.

With the new update, the Notification Center will also display a new indicator when Do Not Disturb is enabled. Additionally, users can now press Shift while right-clicking in File Explorer and on the desktop to directly open the “Show More Options” menu.

Some other updates along with a number of fixes are also a part of Windows 11 Build 22572. You can read more details in the official blog post. here. As usual, these features are currently available to Insiders and there’s no word on when they’ll reach general users via a stable update. We will keep you updated on this information, so stay tuned.

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