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Sucker Punch Announces New Sly Cooper Merchandise Line

sucker-punch has announced a new line of merchandising to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Sly Cooper saga.

This new product line consists of a plushie, a print with a special celebration design by the original art director, Dev Madan, and a t-shirt.

The sheet, with a spectacular drawing and full of winks and references, is printed on high quality paper and can be reserved now at Cook and Becker, being available in two sizes. The large, 28″ X 40″, is limited to just forty units (hand numbered) and costs $225. The small one, 20″ X 28″, is limited to 150 units (also hand-numbered) and costs $120.

Sucker Punch has assured that “both versions will only be available while units remain, and all will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist Dev Madan”.

But there is also a cheaper option, with a size of 18″ X 24″ and “glossy paper”. In this case, it will be sold through the PlayStation Gear store, with a price of 24.95 dollars and an estimated shipping date of December 2.

The t-shirt, also featuring a Dev Madan design, will be sold on the PlayStation Gear store and will cost $33.95. Its shipping date is also scheduled for December 2.

And finally we have the stuffed animal, still without a release date and that cannot be reserved yet. Sucker Punch has said that, in any case, those interested are attentive to Fangamer’s websitethe one in charge of manufacturing it.

You can see all the items in the collection below:

The foil designed by Dev Madan.


And the Fangamer stuffed animal.

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