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Slime Rancher 2 Slime Rancher 2 Tips – Six Tricks To Grow Your Ranch Fast 23 Sep 2022

Following its announcement last year, Slime Rancher 2 is here, and we’ve come up with a few Slime Rancher 2 tips so you don’t get overwhelmed by your new smiling, squishy and probably very smelly new friends. It’s the kind of game you’ll be playing long after bedtime, so you better know how to play it efficiently.

The second in the Squidgy Slime Rancher series has arrived on PC and Xbox in early access and is available now. There are new places to explore and more Slimes have been added to your list for Ranching. Feed them new items like the Sea Chicken or Water Lettuce and set your space up for success.

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Slime Rancher 2 tips and tricks

1. Two is company, three is a crowd

In Slime Rancher 2 you can combine two Slimes to make Long; this saves space as you don’t need separate pens for everyone.

You do this by putting two types of Slime in a Corral and feeding them. The Slimes will eat the other type’s Plorts and turn into a Long, a mix of the two. This also means that you can collect two types of Plorts from one set of Slimes.

However, keep in mind that you can’t mix three types of Slime, or they will turn into the sticky monster Tarr. Avoid this at all costs. We’ll cover Tarrs soon, but you don’t want them.

2. Raise those chickens

Chickens are the source of meat in the Slime Rancher franchise. You can get Hen Hens, Stony Hens, and a new Sea Hen for aquatic-inclined Slimes.

We recommend getting a chicken coop up and running as soon as possible, as they are more difficult to come by. Suck on some Chickadoos and place them in the pen, and they’ll grow up ready to feed your Slimes.

Make sure you have a rooster with the adult hens and they will breed automatically. If the coop gets too full, they’ll stop having any more chicks, but you’ll finish them off faster than all your hungry Slimes can.

3. Beware of diets

Each type of Slime has different dietary requirements. They also have a specific preference for their favorite food, but as long as you hit the category, they’ll be happy.

Slimes feed on meat, fruit, or vegetables, with the exception of fire and puddle slimes which will survive in their own small enclosures. Make sure you feed your Slimes the right kind of food, or they won’t eat and get irritated.

By making Largo Slimes you can expand their palate, so they will eat more types of food. This is easier if you find yourself with two carrot plots and no chickens, for example.

4. Build your amenities

The plots in your ranch’s conservatory aren’t just for keeping Slimes. You will run into some logistical problems if you do that. Some plots should be used for orchards, silos and chicken coops.

Silos allow you to store materials including fruits, vegetables, chickens, and refinery items, and gardens can provide you with plenty of food every day.

5. Prepare to fight the Tarr

Sometimes, even though there are a lot of Wild Slimes hanging around, they can sadly come together to create a monster.

The Tarr is a Long Slime that consumes another type of Plort: it turns black and gelatinous, and grabs other Slimes to turn them into Tarr. If you go near him, it will hurt.

There is an upgrade to your backpack that can handle this, but it can be difficult to gather the right materials. More on that soon.

Slime Rancher had the water tank upgrade available for 350 Newbucks, but in Slime Rancher 2, you’ll need to do it at the fabricator under your greenhouse.

You will need Newbucks, 10 Puddle Plorts, 10 Angler Plorts, and 10 Deep Brine items. Prioritize getting this upgrade so you can fight the Tarr and destroy them with water.

6. Keep them at bay

So. You are at the ranch and now you want some Slimes. You’ve figured out how to absorb them, but now what? You need pens. Some of them probably.

These pens are where you deposit Slimes so they can live out their lives on your ranch. Feed them, collect their Plorts and admire their smiling faces.

We recommend updating each of them as soon as possible. The tall walls prevent slimes from bouncing around and mean you can keep more in at once, and the air mesh will prevent slimes from just floating off the top. Some slimes, like phosphorous, also require a sun shield to stay safe during the day.

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