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Philips Airfryer XL connected with Alexa support launched in India

Philips has introduced a new Airfryer in India, but this one is smart. The new Philips Airfryer XL Connected arrives to compete with the Xiaomi Smart Airfryer that was recently launched in the country. The Philips one comes with Alexa support, NitruU app support, and more. Check the details.

Philips Airfryer XL connected: specifications and features

The new Philips Airfryer has a capacity of 6.5L and 2000W of heating power. Compared to the Xiaomi Airfryer, the Philips Airfryer has a larger capacity and more power. It can withstand a temperature range of 80°C and 200°C.

Philips Airfryer XL connected

The Airfryer can bake, fry, roast and even reheat. There are 7 preset options and sports functionalities. In addition, it has Rapid Air technology, which can fry food with 90% less fat.

The Philips Domestic Appliances NutriU app can help users set time and temperature and easily monitor the entire cooking process. Users can also get more than 100 recipes to learn new things. Depending on usage, the app can also give recipe recommendations. the The NutriU app is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

As mentioned above, the Philips Airfryer XL Connected comes with Alexa compatibility for voice-based commands. It also has a touch screen to control time and temperature.

Price and availability

The Philips Airfryer XL Connected is priced at Rs 17,995 which is quite expensive compared to the Xiaomi Smart Airfryer which is priced at Rs 9,999. In case you’re interested, this Airfryer can be purchased through the Philips Home Appliances e-Store.

It comes in black and dark silver colors. So do you think the new Philips Airfryer is worth it? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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