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Nothing makes fun of your next headphones and they are different too!

After launching last year, Nothing now has two products in its portfolio: the ear (1) and the phone (1). More products are in the works, and since the company loves teasers so much, we’ve got a new one for its next pair of headphones. Check it out!

nothing heard (stick) teased

nothing has confirmed that it will launch the new Ear (stick) headphones, which were recently revealed on Chet Lo’s SS23 catwalk. The company has revealed the design of the charging case of the earphones, which indicates that the company will continue to introduce novelties with its products!

Yes this one is a cylindrical box with the same transparent vibe. This brings something new to the table, but sounds like an asthma pump to me! It should be interesting to see what this will look like in reality. Let us know if this is how you feel too.

To recall, Nothing Ear (stick) was leaked before the release of the phone (1) with the same cylindrical shell. This was with the ear (1) Stick nick! However, it is not known what the headphones will look like. most likely they will be similar to the ear (1) with some changes such as a longer stem previously filtered.

As for what to expect, nothing is known as of now. But we expect some performance improvements over the ear (1), along with a few more changes. They might also be reasonably priced.

Since the teasing has only just begun, we can expect this cycle to continue and see the release of Nothing Ear (stick) in no time. We’ll keep you posted on any new details we get. So stay tuned. Also, share your thoughts on the upcoming Nothing headphones in the comments below.

Featured Image: Nothing/Twitter

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