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How to get bait in Terraria

Like the real world, Terraria is a universe that contains life forms similar to our own, as well as some fantastic ones. Some creatures can only be caught by luring them with bait, but you need to find them first. The bait will help increase the chances of catching better fish.

Many types of bait can only be found in the wild, and you need to talk to the fisherman to get three of the best baits. Read on for all the details.

Finding the bait you need in Terraria

This section will cover all bait items except Apprentice Bait, Journeyman Bait, and Master Bait. We’ll get to them later.

Here are some creatures that you can catch as bait. We are excluding animals that are exclusive to previous versions of Terraria or are only found in specific versions.

Part 1

  • ulysses butterfly
  • Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Firefly

Part 2

Each bait creature has a value called “bait power”. Bait power and rarity are signs of high quality bait, with higher numbers and orange being the best.

  • White, about 10%
  • Blue, about 20%
  • Green, about 30%

Orange bait is at least 50% and thus greatly improves the quality of the catch.

Higher bait power doesn’t just give you a chance boost. It also reduces the chance of the bait being consumed while fishing. You can prevent them from being eaten by equipping a tackle box or the upgrades present in some builds.

To catch the animals listed above, players must equip a Bug Net or similar item, such as the Lava-Proof Bug Net or the Golden Bug Net. Critters used as bait can only be obtained this way.

Critters spawn in different environments, which means you have to travel far and wide to get the bait you want. The process will be something like this.

  1. Equip your Bug Net.
  2. Look for any bugs.
  3. Use the bug net on them.
  4. Travel to look for more bugs.
  5. Repeat the capture process.

The time of day will affect the appearance of some creatures. Take note of their habits to make sure you catch them.

truffle worm

The truffle worm is a unique bait that is not used for fishing. It only appears in Hard mode and is used solely to summon Duke Fishron. When Duke Fishron appears, the bait will be consumed even if you use items that prevent the bait from being eaten.

If you see a truffle worm, you should approach carefully as it hides after spotting it. However, your Bug Net will catch it if you sneak up on it.

Truffle Worms are detectable by the Lifeform Analyzer and its upgraded versions if your version of Terraria has this item.

Head to the cavern layer of the glowing mushroom biome. These creatures will not spawn in the shallow mushroom area.

Once you get it, you can summon Duke Fishron.

  1. Take the truffle worm to an ocean area.
  2. Place the bait on a fishing rod.
  3. Wait for Duke Fishron to appear.
  4. Prepare to fight.

How to get the master bait

The fisherman NPC will spawn in the ocean biome and his location is random. He first appears as the sleeping Fisherman, but you can wake him up and he will move. Once you find him again, he will give you various quests.

The missions are usually simple and involve catching specific rare fish. He will reward you and you can wait until 4:30am the next day before speaking to him again. That’s when the mission for the day is delivered.

The more quests you do for him, the higher the chances of getting his powerful bait. He starts out with a 50% chance and eventually hits 100% after completing 50 quests. Both the quality and quantity of the bait increase the more you help it.

These are the bait rewards it can give you.

  • Apprentice Bait, 15% Bait Power
  • Journeyman Bait, 30% Bait Power
  • Master Bait, 50% Bait Power

As the name suggests, Master Bait is the best bait item you can get in most versions of Terraria. Only the Truffle Worm has better bait power, at 666%. But as detailed above, this item is only used to summon a boss.

With the help of a tackle bag, the Master Bait only has a 9.68% chance of being consumed. This makes it highly reusable and worth doing quests for.

Terraria How To Get Lava Bait

The Lavafly is a bait item with 25% bait power. He only appears in these versions of Terraria below.

  • personal computer
  • Console
  • Mobile
  • tModLoader Version

You can find them in the underworld at night, but a standard bug net won’t catch them. Attempting to get Lavaflies with one will result in players taking one point of damage and gaining the Burning state for five seconds.

Instead, you need to upgrade your Bug Net first. A Lava Proof Bug Net or Gold Bug Net works for catching lava flies. Using them will save you from damage and a Burned out state.

However, that is not the only thing you need to fish with Lavafly. You should also upgrade the tackle box to a lava-proof tackle bag. In addition to reducing the chances of bait consumption, this item will prevent fishing lines from breaking, so you can finally fish in lava.

The magma snail and hell butterfly are other lava bait creatures. They have bait powers of 35% and 20%, respectively.

Magma Snails do not have a specific spawn time, but players will only encounter Hell Butterflies during the day. Therefore, time your visits to the underworld for the best results.

Players can catch these fish in lava.

  • koi carp
  • obsidian fish

lure bait

While there isn’t a specific way to farm baits in Terraria, there are a few ways to increase your performance while searching for creatures. The easiest is to farm fireflies, as they spawn in more significant numbers.

  1. Equip a pair of Flower Boots.
  2. Sprint through any grass or animal producing plant life.
  3. Kill the flowers that grow.
  4. Repeat.

Running through the grass on a rainy day will help you get worms. Fireflies don’t breed when it rains.

This method is natural but slower. However, you can combine it with the following cultivation technique.

  1. Develop a town in the Forest biome.
  2. Invite NPC to live in your new buildings.
  3. Wait until night.
  4. Use your Bug Net to catch them.

During a new moon, Firefly’s spawns increase immensely. That’s his best chance of getting a lot of bait. On regular nights, he can get anywhere from 20 to 40 of them.

Regardless of these methods, there is still no authentic way to make a bait farm. You are mostly understanding the habits of these critters and generating information and making the most of it.

When exploring, try to catch every bug you see unless you only have eyes for rarer baits. These can be found in deeper or more dangerous areas, but remember to only travel there when you are prepared.

Additional FAQs

How do you get the quick bait in Terraria?

The best way to farm the bait is to explore the world and know when and where the critters spawn. You can get many bait items and start fishing with the right information. You can also create a city and spawn fireflies.

Why don’t truffle worms appear in Terraria?

The only answer is that you are not playing on Hard mode. While you can bring a Truffle Worm into a standard save file from your Hard mode file, they won’t spawn outside of the game’s challenging difficulty.

fishing adventures

Having extensive knowledge of fishing baits in Terraria is essential to getting some rare catches or even weapons. While it’s easy to find low level creatures, there are great items to get if you complete the fisherman’s quests. Be sure to stock up on bait before fishing.

What bait do you usually grow in Terraria? What weapons did you get by fishing? Let us know in the comments section.

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