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How to delete all your photos from Instagram

If you have multiple photos that you want to delete, Instagram does not provide any tool to carry out the task. Unfortunately, as time goes by, you will notice that your Instagram account is cluttered with photos and posts from the past, some of which you will no longer want to show.

Maybe you feel like it’s time to delete your old photos, but you want to keep your account open. After all, creating a new account, gathering all your friends and followers, and starting over can be a huge headache. The easiest way to delete everything is to delete your account entirely, but then you run into the other problem of setting up a new account.

Fortunately, we have some workarounds you can use to keep your account open, but still allow you to delete your Instagram photos. There are also third party apps that do the trick. Fortunately, some app developers have come forward, giving you some good options to delete all photos from Instagram.

Option #1 – Alternative Solution for Instagram Image Deletion

This solution is somewhat tedious, but it gets the job done.

Note: This can can only be done using Android or iOS apps. It will not work from a web browser. If you think it’s easier to use a computer, you can download an emulator like Bluestacks, install the Android version of Instagram, and then do this solution there.

Along with option #3 in this tutorial, this process is perhaps the easiest way to delete all your Instagram posts. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click the option to ‘Edit’ your post
    Locate one of your Instagram posts and click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner, then tap Edit.
  2. insert a hashtag
    Come up with a hashtag that you know no one is going to use, as seen in the image below. Then hit the checkmark once you’ve added it to your post. Do this for each photo you’ve posted.
  3. Search for your hashtag

This will filter all your posts and images so you can easily delete them from one place.

option no. Tip #2: Use third-party apps designed for Instagram

The best and most efficient way to remove all images from your Instagram account is to use third-party apps.

iOS Image Remover for IG

  • Delete all your photo posts
  • Manage your list of followers and links
  • Bulk unfollow selected users in your account
  • mass unlike
  • Mass acceptance of new followers
  • And much more!


  • $0.00 for up to 50 shares
  • $4.99 for 1 month
  • $17.99 for 6 months
  • $23.99 for 1 year

InstaClean – Cleaner for IG You are free to test with limitations and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (requires iOS 10.0 or later). There was an Android app, but it’s no longer available. The free version gives you up to 50 actions. before having to upgrade to a subscription.

There are a couple of other IG image remover apps for iOS, but they have poor reviews and have issues with their functionality.

Bulk Instagram Image Remover for Android

Unfortunately, no more bulk IG image removers for Android OS. Be careful and read any Android app that claims to bulk delete Instagram photos and posts. There are imitators that change names and appearance, but carry the same code with minor adjustments. Anyway, the Instagram management apps that ARE available on Google Play only include massive unfollow and unfollow IG options.

Option 3 – Use third-party apps not specifically designed for Instagram

Automatic clicker on Android

automatic clicker is a free Android app that allows you to automate repeated taps and swipes on any app or screen on your Android. This free feature works great to delete all your Instagram photos. Once you play with the app, you will be very excited about the possibilities it offers.

How to delete all photos from Instagram

  1. Launch your Instagram app and Auto Clicker app.
  2. Tap “Enable” in Multiple Target Mode.
    This method will allow you to have multiple touch points, with a delay between touches.
  3. Touch the green Plus.
    On Instagram, go to your published content. Touch the green”+” to create a touch point, a circle with the number “1” inside.
  4. Set your parameters.
    Drag that circle to the first post on your homepage, on the left side, and tap the Settings cogwheel.
  5. Tap the Play and Pause button.
    Tap the ‘Play’ button and then pause when the next option appears. From here, you can tap on the green plus icon again and follow the same steps as above.
  6. Perform the action for each “Touch”.
    Your screen should look something like this:
  7. Modify if necessary
    Once you’ve set up Auto-Clicker, simply hit the blue play button and it will start doing the action for you. If it’s a bit off, you can hit the settings cog and edit each action, or what we refer to as “play”, since it’s playing for you.

In the time delay box, you can leave it at 100 milliseconds, or if your phone is perhaps a bit slow, change it to 200 or 300 milliseconds. This long delay gives the app time to run and load information so it won’t be overridden by auto-touch.

Run this saved command repeatedly for hundreds or thousands of iterations, automatically and without human supervision.

You can disable the Auto Click app interface by disabling it on the app home screen. Just open the app and click “Disable” under “Target Mode” just like you did when you initially turned it on.

Auto-Clicker is a powerful app that you can use in many applications, it’s not just to speed up your Instagram process!

Frequent questions

I can’t delete my Instagram account?

You absolutely can. If you want to delete your entire account instead of doing the above, please refer to this u003ca href=u0022

Can I have problems with Instagram for using third-party applications?

Technically, yes. We only say yes because Instagram’s Tu0026amp;Cs state that it may be a violation. Using something like Auto-Clicker isn’t exactly hacking or modifying Instagram’s software, so you need to be sure to perform these actions without consequences from Instagram.

What if my Instagram is linked to my Facebook account?

Ultimately, the above methods will not affect your Facebook account unless you have shared your content from Instagram to Facebook. For example, if one of your previous posts was shared on both platforms, it might disappear from the latter along with the former. If you’re worried about losing content on Facebook, you can always repost it on that platform.

Are third-party apps safe?

Security and privacy depend on the application itself. There are many third-party apps that promise, like delete all Instagram history. If you’re asked for personal information or login information, it’s probably best to avoid that app.

How do you archive all your photos on Instagram?

Maybe you don’t want to delete all your photos, but archive them instead.

  1. On iPhone, the Archive feature is found under the “…” option in the upper left corner next to the photo.
  2. For Android, locate the button at the top of the photo, but the “ArchiveThe “is under” optioncopy link” option.

Then just click on the “Archive” option. The photo will be archived immediately and you can unarchive it by reversing the steps. For the rollback, “Archive” will be replaced with “Show on profile”.

You can view all archived photos on the archive page of your profile. Click the gear icon in the top right area for iPhone or tap the three lines or “list” on Android. Click on the archive page and you will be able to see any photos you have put there.

No way to bulk archive more than one photo (at the same time), and there is no app that currently allows you to do that. Maybe in the future, Instagram will launch a mass archive feature.

For those who want to download a specific media release, you can check out the TechJunkie article at How to save a photo from Instagram.

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