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How to Add Personal Tasks from Google Chat (Android & Desktop) ScreenRant

Google Chat users can now create a task directly from chats. The task will appear in the Google Tasks app and in Google Calendar if it has a date.

Google has developed many messaging apps over the years, but it seems that Google Chat is the end product, and now, Chat users can create a Google Task directly from chat. This update comes as an integration between Google Chat and Google Tasks. The latter is a task management software provided by Google for free and available on all platforms.

Users can manage their Google Tasks from the Android and iOS apps or the side panel available in Google web apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. Users can also add tasks directly from emails. Google Chat is the replacement for the Hangouts app and is mainly used for work-related conversations, which makes the latest update very useful.

After the recent update, Google Chat users can create tasks from a text message in a one-on-one or group chat. Users can do this using the Google Chat web app or the Android app. On the other hand, iOS users should expect to receive this feature in the coming months. The newly created task will be viewable through the main Google Tasks app and Google Calendar if the user has assigned a date to it. This feature is intended to make it easier to create tasks from a Google Chat conversation, and can be useful for both personal and work-related tasks, depending on how someone uses the app.

Add a Google task through Google Chat

Users can create a task from a text message by tapping and holding on it on Android or by hovering over it using the Google Chat web app on PC. After doing this, the ‘Add to Tasks’ option will appear. This option will also allow users to set descriptions and due dates for the task. It’s worth noting that tasks must have a due date to appear in the Google Calendar app on all platforms. On the other hand, editing the task after adding it will leave the original text message intact in the Google Chat app. It’s possible to go back to the original text message by clicking the link below the task in the Google Tasks app.

Google Tasks users can add up to 100,000 tasks using the service on all platforms. Additionally, users can add tasks using many Google services, including Google Sheets and Google Assistant. However, users will need to use the Google Tasks app to edit a task, which is available for Android and iOS. Or, they can use the Google Side task panel. Users can also mark a task as complete, delete a task, or make a task repeatable.

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