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Guides WotLK Paladin Leveling Guide: Best Ret and Glyph Talent Spec for Classic Sep 19, 2022

Are you looking to get into World of Warcraft’s latest classic expansion, Wrath of the Lich King Classic? Does the call of the Light invite you to take up arms as a righteous paladin in the fight against the Lich King? well our WotLK Paladin Leveling Guide should help you a lot!

Leveling up in World of Warcraft is quite a long process. Regardless of what class you play, knowing what the best specs, talents, and even professions you hang out with can make the process a lot easier. Our guide will cover all of those details and more as you venture into Northrend.

While you’re here, if you’re interested in other Wrath of the Lich King Classic content, check out our DPS Tier List, Healer Tier List, and Tank Tier List. You may also be interested in our dungeon guides, such as our guide to Utgarde Keep.

Best paladin leveling spec for Wrath Classic

To start off, we are going to talk about each of the advantages and disadvantages of each specialization when it comes to leveling.


  • advantage
    • very tank
    • Multiple single target taunts and AoE, which is great for groups
  • Cons
    • team dependent
    • Slow to kill for himself
    • low mobility


  • advantage
    • Great single target heals
    • Highly sought after for groups
  • Cons
    • Small solo damage options
    • lack of mobility


  • advantage
    • Large area of ​​effect damage
    • Strong offensive and defensive cooldowns.
    • High explosion damage
  • Cons
    • Lacks some single target damage
    • low mobility
    • very dependent on equipment and stats

Based on all of these factors, the spec we recommend for leveling up will be Retribution. This is more true if you plan on leveling up solo, as you’ll often be fighting a bunch of mobs at once.

If you plan to level up exclusively through dungeons, then tanks and healers will always be in demand for queues. We are going to focus more on the solo experience.

WotLK Retribution Paladin Leveling Tree

Next, we are going to look at the leveling tree for Retribution leveling. We’ll go through each level group to see which talents you’ll want to take, with a brief explanation at the end.

Level 10 – 20

  • Level 10 – 14: Blessing (all ranks)
  • Level 15 – 16: Improved Judgments (both ranks)
  • Level 17 – 19: Heart of the Crusader (all ranks)
  • Level 20: Seal of Command

Blessing reduces the cost of your instant cast spells, of which you have quite a few. Enhanced Judgments reduces the cooldown of your Judgment abilities. Heart of the Crusader increases critical strike chance against enemies hit by your Judgments, and Seal of Command is a damage boost.

Level 21 – 39

  • Level 21 – 25: Conviction (all ranks)
  • Level 26 – 27: Seeking Justice (both ranks)
  • Level 28 – 29: Sanctity of Battle (Rank 1 and 2)
  • Level 30 – 32: (Specialization in two-handed weapons)
  • Level 33: Sanctity of Battle (Rank 3)
  • Level 34: Sanctified Retribution
  • Level 35 – 37: Vengeance (all ranks)
  • Level 38 – 39: Divine Purpose (both ranks)

Our points here are to increase our critical hit chance and our damage. We also get a good quality of life from Pursuit of Justice and as a defensive passive from Divine Purpose.

Level 40 – 60

  • Level 40 – 42: Trials of the Wise (all ranks)
  • Level 43 – 44: The Art of War (both ranks)
  • Level 45: Regret
  • Level 46 – 48: Fanaticism (all ranks)
  • Level 49: Crusade (Rank 1)
  • Level 50: Cross Attack
  • Level 51 – 53: Sheath of Light (all ranks)
  • Level 54 – 55: Crusade (Rank 2 and 3)
  • Level 56 – 58: Righteous Vengeance (all ranks)
  • Level 59 – Improved Blessing of Power (Rank 1)
  • Level 60: Divine Storm

In this pool, our points continue to remove our damaging abilities. We also get access to two key abilities, Crusader Strike and Divine Storm. Repentance is also a great utility and CC spell that can be useful in group situations as well as solo leveling.

Level 61 – 80

  • Level 61 – 65: Divine Force (all ranks in the Protection tree)
  • Level 66 – 67: Favor of the Guardian (both ranks on the Protection tree)
  • Level 68 – Improved Blessing of Power (Rank 2)
  • Level 69 – 70: Sanctified Rage (both ranks)
  • Level 71 – 73: Swift Retribution: (all ranks)
  • Level 74 – 75: Vindication (both ranks)
  • Level 76 – 78: Stoicism (all ranks)
  • Level 79 – 80: Toughness (rank 1 and 2)

The final stretch of points on this is split between removing other parts of the Retribution tree, while also dipping into the Protection tree for some nice additions. Divine Strength increases our base Strength, and since it’s our primary stat, it’s pretty cool. Also, Toughness gives us a little more resistance, which is always welcome.

Now, this build will get you through your leveling process, but if there’s a talent build you end up looking for later, you can wait to put the last two points into Toughness if you want.

Best paladin leveling professions for WotLK Classic

When it comes to professions, you can pretty much do whatever your heart desires here. That said, we recommend choosing at least Jewelry and Engineering. You will also learn Mining to boost these professions.

Mining gives a passive stamina boost, which is great. Also, setting jewelery will always be in demand, so being able to make your own jewelery and sell any leftovers on the auction house will be a huge advantage.

Best paladin glyphs for WotLK Classic

For Glyphs, we have a few options here. We have three major and three minor glyphs to work with. This is what we would recommend for them.


  • Glyph of Avenging Wrath
  • Glyph of Hammer of Rage
  • Glyph of Cross Strike (for more single target fights)
  • Glyph of Divine Storm (for more AoE fights)


  • Glyph of Blessing of Might
  • Glyph of Sense Undead
  • Glyph of Laying on Hands

For our specialties, Avenging Wrath gives us a 50% reduced cooldown on our Hammer of Wrath while in Avenging Wrath. Additionally, Hammer of Wrath reduces the cost of the ability by 100%. Crusader Strike / Divine Storm are interchangeable depending on the situation.

For minors, Blessing of Might increases the duration of the ability. Sense Undead increases your damage while using Sense Undead. Finally, Lay on Hands reduces the cooldown of Lay on Hands by 5 minutes, which is arguably the most useful of the three.

And that’s all we have for you! The paladin is a very strong class in general, and at the end of the expansion, they are top tier. While you’re here, definitely check out our Wrath Classic PvP Tier List, as well as a few other dungeon guides, for Nexus and Culling of Stratholme.

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