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England’s eccentric ‘Camberley Kate’ never turned down a stray

Camberley Kate, who got the nickname when the historian Sir Arthur Bryant dubbed her that in his book, “the lion and the unicorn,” she may have been kind and caring in her treatment of stray or abandoned dogs, but she was no shrunken violet. Not everyone who lived in or passed through the community was a fan of her work, but they soon encountered a woman who was fiercely protective of her dogs and her right to own them.

While opponents raised concerns about traffic hazards and safety conditions, insisting the dogs were dangerous, Camberley Kate always came out in defense of the dogs. When a the leash law was proposed by Camberley city council in 1969Camberley Kate was there to fight it off, and was quoted by the local paper as saying: “The Council is nothing but a collection of dog haters. I think this is rotten. It means the dogs will be chained up all day.” “

Camberley Kate would express her outrage at any person or organization that attempts to curb dogs’ rights to care and freedom. if she he was criticizing public opinion Whether she was picking up her mail at the local post office or ramming a new car with her handcart when it blocked her way, Camberley Kate fully embraced her role as an advocate.

Camberley Kate often took her concerns directly to the highest authority in the land, first writing to George VIKing of England from 1936 to 1952, and later his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned from 1952 to September 2022. When the future Queen Elizabeth married November 20, 1947one of Camberley Kate’s dogs sent a wedding present — a dog leash — to the newlywed, who was known for her love of corgis.

“She was very determined and single-minded,” says Driscoll-Woodford, who also runs the LostPALS volunteer organisation, which supports owners of lost or stolen pets on Surrey Heath, the same area where Camberley Kate once rescued dogs. “A tough little Yorkshire woman, she didn’t take nonsense from anyone and, to be honest, I think she scared a lot of people.”

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