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Antonio Ibáñez, actor of ‘Aída’ and ‘La que se avecina’, dies at 34

A very harsh setback has hit the national film scene during the afternoon of this day, July 12. It has been throughout this day that the sad death of Antonio Ibáñez, actor of well-known series of the stature of Aidafrom Telecinco, or Myrtlefrom Canal Sur. And it is that, after having spent more than a year fighting cancer, the interpreter has finally passed away, leaving both his loved ones and his faithful followers absolutely shocked.

The artist’s representation team, led by Juan Carlos Navarro, has been in charge of confirming the fateful news: “Today is a sad day. Antonio Ibáñez, a great actor, has passed away. And a great artist, but a better person. Our condolences to family and friends”, pointed. And a few minutes later, someone close to the deceased took over his Instagram account to publish an informative statement in the first person: “I have fought with all my strength but I have not managed to win this battle. I really wanted to live and continue creating art. Even so, you will be able to see, feel and touch my purest energies in all my paintings. There you can lose yourself in my beautiful and generous soul. DEP”, pointed out the post, which in a matter of moments has gathered messages of support from countless familiar faces and Antonio’s colleagues: Nacho Guerreros, Cristina Abad, Dani Tatay or Christian Sánchez have used the comments board to send cheer up the relatives of the deceased, showing themselves visibly affected by the loss with emojis of broken hearts.

Secondly, The Spanish He has contacted some people close to Ibáñez, who could not help their voices breaking when talking about this unexpected pothole: “He was a great actor and multidisciplinary artist, super-loved by all his colleagues and who always helped everything the world. He was very cute. I can not believe it. I am waiting for them to tell me that it is a lie, ”some sources declared to the aforementioned media.

It was during the past July 2, 2021 when Antonio gave the worst news to his followers. Apparently, the doctors had detected a lymphoma for which, from that moment, he would have to be treated with chemotherapy. A most complicated procedure for which the actor was completely positive at all times, displaying his great sincerity: “Another stage in my life. A month ago, a liquid runs through my body to heal me. That uncertainty that you become friends with also grew; very different from the one that I, as an actor and painter, used to say was almost always with me (…) Fear, at first. Today I don’t have him anymore, maybe there will be some day that I do, I don’t know… Whatever he feels, I’ll let him be and I’ll hug him. The days go by and everything is more calm, at peace… Controlled, I already know what this is about and what I’m facing. lymphoma”, he settled by also making the occasional joke regarding hair loss, typical of chemotherapy.

Although it was planned that his short film would be released this year Supermenthus encouraging all the people who are fighting cancer, the sudden death of the protagonist has caused this project to be left up in the air.

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